Friday, April 3, 2009

Alternative Medical Science

Today i had a splitting headache since morning and had to do an Ayurvedic procedure to get cured. There was a lot of acid in my stomach and when this occurs Kunjal is dne. I n Kunjal you drink slightly warm water. I drink 2.5 litre water at a time adding a little salt to it and keep on drinking till i cant drink any more. Once i am uncomfortable i bend placing left hand at the back and take out the water. I have to put my fingers in my throat and forcibly vomit out the water.It may sound yucky but the relief it gives when you are low on energy is tremendous. What happens is that all toxins which had accumulated during past days due to eating of processed food and artificial chemicals in foods come out. These toxins keep on adding in our system and produce"ama"that is the word for toxicity in Aurveda. When this poison is not thrown out perodically by detoxification by various methods it leads to illness. I f we are careful about eating more fresh and less processed food it helps the body fight stress and infections. On the other hand if we keep on overloading the body with toxins like alcohol and acidic cold drinks, one stage comes when the body can take it no more and breaks down creating some chronic illness. There are physical and mind -body connections to all diseases, the purely physical reasons can be ruld out by a little sffort on our side to avoid pain and misery in old age when the energy is low and the repair mechanism of the body has detoriated.

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