Friday, April 3, 2009

Oh! My God i cant resist sharing this one!

My fave song is 'i can't help falling in love with you' from UB40and here i cant resist showing you this lovely, heavenly flower bunch. As i was trying to take this picture sometimes i would go too close and the results were hazy then from a distance the dazzling colours came alive."A thing of beauty is a joy for ever."
A funny passage from my old diary-"Spring breeze is mild, leaves are dancing to its tune. Near the Tennis courts, on the cement bench we sit staring at the silent streach of land. Leaves crumble under our feet as Smita, my friend shifts closer, resting her head on my lap. Her hair reflect the orange glow of setting sun. Time is standing still, yellow-brown leaves are creating a dull brown whirl pool. I murmer to my self about a feeling that i have been through this experience before. Deja vu? This was age of absolute innocence. And a strong feeling builds up that time has stood still at this moment and the innocence of moment would never be with us again.
Oh God such beauty!SEE!

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