Friday, April 3, 2009

Wow lovely flowers! Look!

Today i clicked beautiful flowers for you and i feel so happy to share these pics with my friends! Today i also decided the three topics on which i can put my thesis

1. Waste management in Himalayas

2. Degradation due to tourism in Himalayas

3. Deforestation in Himalayas

I think deforestation is most important among these, what do you say the root cause of all environmental problems. Also today i will stick first essay in the dummy for the Anthology. Yesterday i did a lot of reading and thought a scandalous beginning of the Mythology related facts will generate curiosity among readers, what do you say? It is that Sita the wife of Lord Rama who was abducted by Ravana, the deamon, was actually Ravana's daughter who was abandoned by Ravana's queen Mandodari as she concieved her in absence of her husband. So this becomes a case of infatuation of a father unknowingly for his own blood!This is a very less known theory let me put it to the publisher. Today weather here is so beautiful flowers are in full bloom and sunlight is indirect. The green looks so beautiful in indirect light. I feel like writing endlessly, today i made elaboate lunch and preprations for a very complex dish for tomorrow. Kids are busy playing and i wish you friend were here i would have made fragrant tea for you with nice pakoras, remember? the recipie lol. How i miss having a child like neighbour who could share my excitement when i see the bright colours of flowers, the bees, the buterflies. How i miss Anita. At least you friends are there to share all this or i would be so lonely. See the flowers now, and take care!

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