Friday, April 3, 2009


Today i talk of a little complex subjects of subtle system, i have talked of Kundalini and its ascent. Now about what this rare book says on the subject of this sacred science of - The Serpent Power by Sir John Woodroffe.

The Indian schools believe that the heart was considered to be the seat of the waking consciousness. The heart expands during waking, and contracts in sleep. Into it, during dreaming sleep, the external senses ar withdrawn, though the representative faculty is awake;until in dreamless sleep, it is also withdrawn. There are 72,000 Nadis;the entry and exit of the Prana or life force is through the Brama Randhra(above the foramen of Monro and middle commissure); and upbreathing through one of the nadis. The reference to Brahma -randhra and the one nerve imply the cerebro-spinal axis with its Sushumna, through which the prana passes to the Brahma -randhra; for which reason, apparently, the Susumn iself is referred to in Siva samhita as Brahma- rndhra. Liberation is finally effected by knowledge which as the ancient Aitareya-Aranyaka says is Brahman. The Hamsa Upanisad opens with the statement that the knowledge therein contained should be communicated only to the Brahmchari of peaceful mind(santa), self-controlled and devoted to the guru.

I want to state here that once the system opens up theentire process of ascent of Kundalni is so spontaneous and beautiful that its like a dreamy blissfull state. Once you touch deep thoughtlessness there is so much joy at this state that again and again you want to sit in meditation and attain the state. Sometimes external attractions do spoil the depth and the magnatism of the meditation but if it has set in again you come back to the beauty of silenced mind and fully opened up soul,. Like a lotus in full bloom you feel each petal open and the heart fills with milky sweetness. It is as if whole being is being sucked into some other plane of absolute comfort and different senses and different sensed feelings. See i am not able to explain lol as no words are enough to say what i felt today while meditating. Try it its absolute bliss!

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