Friday, April 3, 2009

I feel so low today!

I am not feeling all right, kind of lost friends sometimes things we do hold a mirror to us and what see is not always pretty. Introspection sometimes sorts out these tangles but like a stubborn little child our infant persona takes over,selfish, seeking attention and throwing tantrums. How and when this overpowers us is difficult to make out,once it starts subsiding then you realise that some supressed feelings had surfaced. In all of us there is an adult, a child and and old person at all stages of life and our needs are based on who we want to be adressed at a particular time. Say i feel hurt and need nursing and someone comes and gives commands to the adult persona will i respond? No. Its like this in every situation when there is less synchronisation between the expectation and the fulfillment or misunderstanding then the whole interpersonal relationship oes for a six. So it should be first clear what is that we want from an interaction. Like if a mother wants a kid to finish his meal she will give clear instructions of what she wants from the kid but when the function of an interaction is not clear it will become tense and give trouble instead of being productive and creating positive vibes it will generate negativity. So maybe we humans need to be very honest while establishing communication and understand the simple basic requirement of a relation. Doing this proceed to fulfill it sincerely. A jok now, two ants come out from a movie hall one says sister im so tired cant walk back home Other-yes sister my feet are also aching,see that dog is coming this way lets do a dog and go home(like lets do a bus and go home)lol not even a straight joke from me today take care and be good. A sad picture for a sad entry.

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