Friday, April 3, 2009

Its raining!Poppy flower! Rain

Here it has been raining since yesterday its become cold again as temperatures dip. The chill has returned in the wind. The flowers i have photoographed for you are all wet good that i took pictures yesterday. So submitted a topic today finally-Ecological degradation of Himalayas. This will cover a wide range of topics, meaning a lot of research to be done. I have been getting many comments and messages for the story and i feel very happy whn i see my friends are liking it. I am in a fix though, now what to do its difficult, the lady has to take a decision what should be this decision? Even i do not know, when i start writing it is as if these characters speak to me and i write what they tell me. Still ill have to put a little thought as now we have reached a crossroads lol.


Drops on deep green petals dance

wet brown barks tells of days gone

Wind whispers lovers' songs

One such a mysterious night,

river had murmered a secret to me

Of mountains and moon,

Of clouds and deep vallies,

Of how in a blue magical night,

A river became ocean

And as the rain falls,

It speaks of ancient rythms

Of times gone and times to come

And of a time when ocean shall be river again.

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