Friday, April 3, 2009

Reading Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan was Professor of Astronomy and Space Sciences, when I was a kid his Cosmos was telecast ed on T.V. and I was hooked to it. Since then I have read his work with a lot of admiration, his novel 'Contact' made me dream of far off civilizations. As kids when we sat in the class I would look out of the window and at the blue sky and wonder if some where far away alien kids were studying like us. Carl Sagan had a cosmos sailing on the wind as the episode started and when ever I see a cosmos I still run wildly behind it. Carl Sagan is no more his death anniversary was in December. I had cried when I had come to know of his death. He touched so many people igniting the fire of knowledge. I hope he got all his answers now as his soul looks down on our blue earth. Read about him on his site, he was a man we will not forget easily. Dr Carl Sagan, if you can hear me I promise I will contribute to science through this study of Environment I pursue. That said, I feel good. It is as if we owe this man deep gratitude for adding to our knowledge. I feel God should bless each of us enough to add something of value to the humanity before saying our final goodbye, am I right my dearest friend Bluey? Remembering Dr Carl on his tenth death Anniversary, I wish, I was your student Sir. Really, may you be in peace always.

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