Friday, April 3, 2009

I was at coffee morning!

EVERY ONE WAS DRESSED TO KILL and i had just washed my hair draped a heavy silk saree and without makeup(i hardly use any and today i didnt find my only lipstic) dashed to the party. There was Tai chi and dances i did a game fr the ladies and ppl thought i was looking good? While i was on my way some stupid men made stupid comments like they always do and i felt like slapping them hard!If i had time i would have whacked them. Cant we wear abayas like Muslim women lol. These parties are all British style things some times high tea sometimes coffee mornings. I must say here that India's defence forces are among the best in the world as an Officer here leads from the front and takes the bullet before his men. Here is to Indian Defence forces, we are proud of men who put their life on line for the country!

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