Friday, April 3, 2009

Continued Story.

Jaya placed the tray on the side table, Shiv picked up the cup of tea without taking his eyes off the screen. As Jaya started to settle on the chair next to him, he pulled her hand and brought her around to sit on the arm of his chair. Jaya sat on the arm draping her free arm around Shiv's shoulders. By now she had gained her composure and focussed her attention on the semi-finals, she her self was college level player. her hair had fallen in curly ripples around her waist and Shiv was coiling one strand playfully around his fingers. As the match ended and players walked past cheering crowd, Shiv turned to Jaya,"how has my little beauty been all day,"he drew her close resting his head on her lap. Jaya felt uncomfortable remembering the letter, she stroked his thick black hair, her delicate fingers removing the tangles in his hair. A quivering smile broke on her tense face, " you had a hard day Shiv,"Shiv turned his face,"ya, that boss of mine is driving me nuts,after 110 percent i give him he wants me to pump up his ego too,i can't do that," Jaya smiled a smile of a new wife who does not know what to make of such complains,"call him for dinner sometime may be he is feeling ignored,"Shiv started laughing his lilting laugh,"you are becoming smart,i can see "he cuddled her closer as she blushed, as he ran his warm hands on her back she was transported to the mango grove where she had stood on her Krisna's shoulders to steal mangoes from a garden.

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