Friday, April 3, 2009

Story contd.....

Jaya felt the rough bark of Neem tree as her nails dug deep into the bark, her soft hands getting bruised as she was mindlessly hurting herself. She wiped her eyes with her shawl and tried to steady herself, slowly she moved like a lifeless robot and plucked basil leaves for the tea. She came into the kitchen, putting water for boiling lost in her thoughts he leaned too close to the fire and one long strand of her hair caught fire. She laughed at this, a sad little laugh, the way hair curled into gray ashes made her numb to her own mental agony for a while. "jaya,"her thoughts were shattered, "are you getting my tea or do i come to the kitchen to help you,"She had almost dropped the expensive china she was pouring the fragrant brew into. "Yes,a moment, i was just waiting for the newspaper Shiv,"She had lied in a shaky voice. As soon as she had place the tray on the side table Shiv had pulled her in his strong embrace, she was shaking as she placed her forehead on his shoulder."Jaya, are you feeling allright, you are shivering,"he had caressed her hair asking her."Just one of those days Shiv,migrane maybe,"she muffled her voice in his chest not wanting to look into his honest eyes. He pressed her head gently as she snuggled next to him in their bed. She had drifted to a numb sleep when she heard Shiv tell her that he was leaving for office and that he would be late tonight. He had kissed her gently on her fore head and left. There had been such days when in fever she had sensed the world drift in and out of her perception. The maid had come and left she had dragged her self to the bath,shower had made her a little more alert. She had worn a new bright green silk saree which Shiv had got her. She had forced herself to apply her favourate lipstic, her precious perfume to feel alive. Her hand was unstable as she applied the red 'bindi,'mark of a married Hindu woman' on her forehead. Her mind she tried to fill with mantras that usually calmed her, today they were useless. She tried to play the Piano but found her self sobbing on the keys. Today she felt dead inside. She was forcing her self to feel something but she knew she wanted her senses to be numb, but for how long she did not be contd.

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