Friday, April 3, 2009

My Anita

Anita was my neighbour we knew each other for eight months but felt as we had always known each other. She was an interior designer with highly developed aesthetic sense. We would aimlessly wander about admiring shapes of leaves, branching in tree, a new moon and one of us would yell,oh see this beauty! I miss her so much, her husband is an aviator and they got transferred out. When my son fell hard cutting his chin doing skating in the mess, it was Anita and her husband with me at the doctor's place getting him stitched up. When my father in law passed away this year she managed the whole arrangement with me. She was like an elder sister i never had, so beautifull. When she would come and sit on my bed i always told her it was as if my whole room got lit up with the light from her eyes. When i would go to a party she would tie my saree scolding me while i laughed. She would ask me to take care of myself saying if other women had same things they would be making use of them in much better way lol Anita i miss you darling. When i would pass by her kitchen she would force me in and make me eat the breakfast she had made and she was a lovely cook. Sometimes you try to click with some one but fail but some times its so spontaneous as if there was no beginning at all. We would steal plants from other gardens wow what a thing for grown up women to do and giggle like girls when we commented on some one acting smart. Her house was an extention of my home and she a comfortor who would listen to all my cribbing smiling. She wanted me to be smarter and start working full time again, saying"you are the biggest fool ive seen get up smell the coffee,"but Anita only fools like me gt friends like you. God is smart he has made it this way. We both cried when she was leaving as if someone was tearing apart my heart i feel so empty as i see your barren lawn, new people are moving in and i made tea for them as i want my Anita's little lovliness to reflect on them too. Hope we are together soon friend i miss you and turn to this blog every day for my wonderful friends here and their company. Anita dressing up Jayani, my daughter.

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