Friday, April 3, 2009

Meditation makes me shine!

Hi all of my friends i feel good to be with all of you again, I meditated yesterday did salt water-which is taking (warm)these days, water and putting a fistfull of salt in it. Now i immerse my feet in this water and open my palms i ask my divine mother to take out all negativity from the gross body as wll as the subtle system into this water after 10-15 minutes i throw this water into the drainage.One has to be careful about not throwing this water on plants as this is harmful,and do not touch this water, (bfore pulling your feet out water and wash thus your feet will be washed off the negativity too.)I did this and meditated and my unstable emotional state came back to normal. Today i could do a lot of work and arranging of the Anthology material, mind was sorted out and sharp. Saw the Republic day parade soldiers marching in neat rows, many foreign nationals also enjoying the march. I have some acupressure books and Mr Herb master its written that all points related to glands-Pineal, Pituitary, Thyroid, Thymus, Adrenal and Pancreas. Along with it points for Solar plexus and gonads are to be pressed. I think you can get a wooden acopressure ball and roll it in hand and wrist, this will effect glands and kill your craving for smoking. Thanks alot for your kind words i meditated and here i am happy and myself again God bless all with friends like you all.

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