Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Cornfield by Joseph Furtado

One autumn morn

I chanced to cross

A field of corn;

That blessed morn-

To sinful me

The grace was given

On earth to see

The ways of heaven:

One of my fave poems, today as I was going for a jog and I saw a parrot and a crow on a wall. There was a bread piece near the crow and the parrot was trying to playfully come near the bread and eat it. The whole scene had such beauty to it. The way the parrtot walked lifting its feet slowly and trying to get near and eat the bread was amazing. I stopped there and watched this play. This is when I remembered the above poem.

A little ahead I saw a little puppy being licked and groomed by its mother and few more dogs frolicked around playing. The sight was again reminding me how very un conditional and giving is love in nature. A little while later another dog was chased by a group of dogs and reached this group and these all dogs rushed towards him pushing him out of their terittory. This made me laugh as the intruder dog scurried for its life.

Back at my lawn a pitch black butterfly hovered over my flowers and my heart and mind opened up like a bud to absorb the joy of this sight. A single morning gifted me so many pleasures, friends go out to take in the beauty and freshness of a new day and sometimes you will feel a surge of thhat all pervasive energy in your body as you take in these innocent sights.


George Brown, when he was England's Foreign Minister, was being entertained in Paris by his Ambassador, Sir Patric Reilly. The chief guests were the Prime Minister of France and his wife. During the course of this very formal dinner, Mr Brown turned to the French Prime Minister's wife and complimented her on her looks by describing her as'most bed-able.' The hostess was scandalised. 'Really Mr Brown!' she reprimanded her husband's boss'hardly the thing to say to the wife of Prime Minister!' Brown ignored her and continued to adress the chief guest's wife. 'Surely Madam, other people have paid you similar compliments!' The French lady retorted in charming French way, 'Ouis Monsieur, but never before coffee,'

A couple were celebrating the birth of their first child, a son. After the party was over, the husband spoke to his wife:My dear, I have a very modern outlook on the size of family. I think one son is enough for us. So if you dont mind, I like to undergo a vasectomy. What do you think?' Do as you wish', replied the wife coyly.' You have your vasectomy now. Ill have my hysterectomy after I have had the third child'

Here is a picture I took in the garden I liked the contrast of white petals to the dark background.

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  1. "The cornfield" happens to be my favorite poem too. In fact I found your blog searching for that string. "Ways of heaven" is such a beautiful way of expressing what's natural ! I used it when I tried my hand at poetry. You can find it at

    When you get a chance please share the full poem as I have lost it. Thanks.