Saturday, May 30, 2009


I look back to the time when I had started blogging, thinking that this would be a nice place to collect my poems that I was loosing. The journey has been beautiful to say the least. I had never imagined that a blog would lead to so much learning. I was going through the comments in the previous blog. I realised that these from America, Malaysia, Russia and India. That is some diversity! Sometimes it feels as if our civilization in the stages of infancy.

These days I am reading a very interesting book about eco-friendly sanitation, well, that seems to be dry sanitation. It puts across this theory that all water-based sanitation is a non-sustainable activity. As I went through the facts, it really seems that the amount of water contaminated by the waste is enormous. A few weeks back traveling towards Delhi, on the periphery of the city, I could see miles and miles of sewage carrying canals. The water and waste is simply pushed out of the city and seems there is no infrastructure to treat that amount of sewage. Coming back to present, right here in these posh parts of the city, the drains are choked and the sewage is being pumped out and the dry contents stuffed into bags.

This made me realise how right this book's observation is. What I read about in this book, the things that it warns about. I am not going into details as the topic is unpleasant for some of us.

It seems that we are just realising the consequences of not having a far sight. The problems have just begun. This all makes me feel that we are under an illusion that we are very developed and have attained what no other civilization achieved before. Even the ancient civilizations adhered to more sustainable growth patterns.

Recently, I read in a blog about the immense possibilities of the web, seems here too we are so hesitant in making the transition. Old habits are too confining and even as we face dwindling resources, w stick to old ways of congesting the roads to commute and the do the tasks that can now be transferred to the web.

In many ways this is just the beginning of realisation that we are an infant civilization and unless we learn from collective experiences, as we do in these blogs, there is not much hope for us to evolve into a better race.

Got too philosophical, am so blessed to have the friends here, just wish that others enjoy what I am enjoying. Sharing and loving this experience. World indeed is flat!

Pic: Same day, our Earth, our Horizons, such a lovely frame for the sky! Happy and sustainable Earth Day! Today is the day of our Mother Earth, April 22.

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