Saturday, May 30, 2009


Yesterday as I lay on the bed, I heard the wind rustle the leaves on the roof and dust rushed into the room through a broken window. This came to me:

Eyes taste the dust wandering with wind
Teeth smell the solitary leaf scraping the tiles on the roof

I normally do not remember when these stray thoughts come and drift away like a cosmos on a breeze, but this one I did. Maybe because I felt the teeth really sense the brittle scraping of the leaf being hurled by the wind.

I love it when the sky darkens and suddenly the light changes. The trees, with each leaf reflecting the deep hues. There is something stirring when indirect light bathes the surroundings, it is as if the atoms and molecules vibrate at a different frequency than the normal.

A few days back I saw a tree laden with new, tender leaves, the colour was soft maroon-green and this tree was standing alone and the ground near the roots had a maroon tint too. For some moments I was completely absorbed in this beauty where the tree changed the quality of light. Normally, it happens the other way around.

My heart is a nomad
Wanders the wild lands bare feet
At night drinking in the dew of stars
In mountains inhaling the pale-wet sunshine
In a moment it contains the green -misty fragrance of crushed chrysanthemums
And the salt on the breeze by the sea
My heart is a thirsty wanderer
Captured in buds of moments... like a seeking bumble bee

Pic: A tree, loved the light and the spreading branches!

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