Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Story Contd...

Jaya was folding clothes when Shiv had tiptoed into their bedroom and now he was holding her against him,whispering something as she laughed. She turned to face him"whats so funny Shiv",she had smiled for the first time in the day. "I have a surprise for you, we are leaving for the hills tomorrow, you said you love the snow clad peaks so I got the reservations."Jaya's eyes sparkled as he spoke of hills, she had spent most of her childhood in Himalayas. For a moment she forgot about the thoughts that had tormented her all day long, like a child she had her arms around Shiv's neck and kissed him filled with gratitude." We are leaving tomorrow so today we will do all the packing Jaya, the temperature at 11,000 feet dips to -4 at night so keep your jackets and warm trousers."Jaya had started sorting out her things from almira when her cell phone started ringing, she read the number and came out in the lawn with a pounding heart. It was Krisna."How are you feeling now?"Jaya was nervous she barely managed to whisper"you should not have called now Krisna, I am leaving for Mukteshwar tomorrow morning for fifteen days, I will call you when I come back."There was sound of his deep breathing then the line came alive"I am also coming to Mukteshwar then, you like it or not I have to take this decision now,I will come to meet you there make up your mind".Jaya had trembled at this,she tried to tell him that it was a foolish thing to do but before she could speak the line went dead. Jaya had come inside pale and shaken Shiv had held her thinking she was feeling cold coming from outside."Who was that Jaya your mother? I had asked her to call you in the evening, she had called up when you were asleep."Jaya nodded against the soft folds of his sweater, he smelled of musk and deep forests. They had a quiet dinner that night and as night draped the horizons Jaya slept fitfully in her husband's arms.I n the morning they had been so excited that there were oblivious to the passage of time giggling like kids they had packed their things in their car and Shiv had started quiet early before the morning traffic took over. Before noon they reached the foothills and Jaya had clapped excitedly at the sight of mighty peaks piercing the blue sky."How beautiful they look Jaya even more so when I see them reflected in your eyes.Jaya had lowered her huge lashes and changed the topic"look Shiv a rare mountain bird, we used to imitate its call and this bird would reply, wait I will show you."Jaya had cupped her hands and tucking her sari folds firmly she had jumped out to stand near the tree and made the bird call. After a while the bird had started replying and both Shiv and Jaya stood laughing in the dense forest, the road was lonely as the winter was severe this time. Shiv had drawn her close and it had seemed an eternity till both had realized that there was sound of tinkering bells somewhere in the distance. The magic was shattered but they had sensed something very sacred and profound as they moved towards the car hand in hand Jaya had turned to Shiv and surprised him as she broke down in his arms her body shuddering, Shiv had stroked her back."Why do you cry Jaya now we are one these moments will fill our life, we have a life time together."Jaya had let tears flow and as she took her seat next to Shiv something of a resolve stated forming in her heart. She belonged now, she was not a drifting leaf she had to stay by this man who cared so much . As the car accelerated up the steep climb she could hear a dim roar and as the roar came near in the rear view mirror she saw Krisna's favourite Land Rover take form, her heart froze and she felt numb inside as the vehicle passed them. Yes it was Krishna, he was wearing shades but it was Krisna. Her Krisna of mango gardens, her Krisna of scorched afternoons, Her Krisna who felt what she felt ...only now she belonged to another, she would make him understand this time, he will understand........To be contd

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