Saturday, May 30, 2009

Serene Dream

I had a serene dream last night. I saw I was writing a very creative exam, where I needed to put down my experiences. Then I was called up the stairs for my file to be seen. I waited at reception asking if I could decorate my file with small blue flowers in a bowl kept there. I went up and it was Sanskriti,my kids' school but nothing there looked like the school, my boss at my previous working place was there too and very beautiful light-eyed women were there as the people who would judge us. They were in a meeting seems and there was a foreigner too. I saw the kitten 'booty boo' (he has stopped coming to our home, seems got a mate or changed the ares as other older males prowl this section of the residential complex!) I played with the cat excited to see him after so long and then later as I climbed up the stairs.

God! it was as if a paradise had descended. I saw beautiful rocks and a light blue river, the colour was lightest turquoise, with very powerful currents. The rocks were bathed in beautiful orange sunlight and it was cool and the river had a serene energy about it, there were arches and open sky beyond. I sat down on the rocks to see the water surging through the boulders.

My my file dropped into the water. I looked at the stream with apprehension and then dived after the file. I managed to save a few pages but the scene was too beautiful. Don't know what it means but it was wonderful!
I was very happy doing the creative work and the missing pages made me worry as to what I would show in the interview but it seems I was too absorbed in the beauty to pay attention to that small mishap. The quality of light was unearthy and there were dull marble arches all over. There was a silent knowledge that the river was Ganges, the rocks were melting beneath my feet but that did not deter me from admiring the beauty. When I dived into the water, I feared that it would be too deep but it was not. I sensed the cool waves closing on my body but it was soothing. A beautiful dream, almost like a poetry. Don't know what it means but it was a soothing balm to the senses.

Happy dreaming all!

The quality of light was similar to this picture's.

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