Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What damage!

This is the first time that I have experienced so much damage to my files on computer due to a virus attack, the messenger is absolutely wiped off. We tried to reinstall but the thing just disappears now I have to use other browsers to come to 360. All of you beware major virus attacks going on. Meg I know it was not the thing in mail box as now we can identify the virus lol, what good will it do to identify it refuses to budge. My son's messengers also have been deleted or altered. So now I am scare if this will alter this blog thing too now I will post the story fearing the shut down of this application! Nice landscape see I love hills as we are hill people and the moment I reach hills my eyes well up with tears and I feel like never returning to the plains. My dream is to make a cottage in hills with huge French windows and have a garden full of flowers and vegetables. I will have a huge dog and a cow for my company and a cosy study to read spiritual literature, will meditate in the fresh mornings and fill mineral water from mountain springs. Cooking I would do on twigs and wood so that the wonderful aroma of burning wood gets into the cooking vegetables. I would look for hours at changing horizons and knit with soft wool. I n the evenings I will light incense and do my meditation with an oil lamp burning on the alter. I will have very few clothes and belongings. I will walk barefoot on the green grass and smell the wild leaves. The clouds with their white waves will entertain me making animal shapes and human faces in the delicate fluff. I would write of mild sun and gentle breeze and sparkling water. The sounds of falling water will fill my heart, butterflies in dazzling colours will fill up my eyes and peace will fill up my soul, answer me will I need company then? Will I need constant craving then? Slowly but steadly someone up there is unfolding a destiny to me and one-by-one ruling out all distractions by showing me in a crystal clear image how fickle and dream like are things that we crave so much and desire with such intensity. I f this seeking goes inwards I think there will be more fulfillment , more rewards. Take care all my friends!

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