Saturday, May 30, 2009


In last few days I have grown in many ways. I am a grown woman and yet there is an insuppressible child in me. Today, when I looked into the mirror, a much more serious woman stared back at me. There was less softness in the eyes and more concern about being grown up and in control of things. I understand most of the worldly things, but as I don't take myself so seriously, some people play mind games that I can see through now and I refuse to let them damage me.

I went out and I liked the disconnect when I traveled in a bus and listened to the senseless talk of the conductor and the passengers. I needed that.

My meditation is getting deeper and I sense almost a pain and hunger in my soul for the union with the creator while I meditate. Seems when you introspect and you stumble, you also discover that a deep silence and healing lies within.

I am blessed to have friends who engage my mind.


If you lift up the scab, I am still healing
With each change in the skylight the blood clots more
As the bruises turn light blue, then pink
I heal and heart grows calm again

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