Saturday, May 30, 2009

Beautiful Life

Reading Irving Stone's ' Lust for Life' I almost wept. Such a passionate artist and what a love less life he led. A soul ahead of his time, perhaps even in today's fake world he would have suffered. A beautifully crafted biography, I will not reveal more, a must read for people who find their calling in Mother nature. For past few weeks I have been having fever, today things seem a bit better. What a blessing it is to get back to normal health, even cold makes one so helpless!

It rained...

Last night... it rained
Earth steamed
And yellow leaves danced
Heat and dust got tamed

In my heart...
It rained peace
And your thoughts
Fear and anxiety slowly settled

Last rained

Pic: Jayani, my daughter took this picture in our lawn a while ago.

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