Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mild Day

It is a mild day, sun is mellow and the gray seven sisters are playing with dry leaves on the roof. They look for insects under the leaves by turning them this way and that with their beaks. Squirrels are chasing each other on the tree bark and dahlias have become massive. Life has so many layers. The season and elements come together and an atmosphere. At this very moment it is sub zero temperature on the poles and scorching blaze in Sahara, but here it is soothing Spring, As they say this feels more like 'maya' (illusion).

I am cooking a very tasty beans dish today and have to puree the tomatoes, garlic and the onions. Adding whole spices like black pepper and cardamom gives it a nice warm flavor and then the reddish gravy(tomatoes) with the nice tender beans s a delight with fragrant basmati rice.

My meditation is taking me to beautiful silence as I am becoming more aware of its importance and succor it provides.

I burn an oil lamp at night and put my feet in warm water in a bucket, to which a spoonful of salt has been added. This helps drain the negativity that we accumulate through out the day. Then, I drain this water and sit in meditation. Sometimes it is deep and I am sitting aware yet unaware of my surroundings for long and sometimes the distractions are stronger and I my attention is engaged in other things after a short while.

Pic: These flowers feel like paper and last long when cut and last long in a vase.

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