Saturday, May 30, 2009


It is silent. Kids are away with parents. There are books and papers spread on my bed. My lap top is here with me and I can sleep with these things still pushed to the corner. The TV is switched on and there is a movie on. I had lighted a lamp in the alter and and incense stic. I don't drink but tonight if I had some company, I would have had a little wine. I don't smoke, but when I am under tremendous stress I feel like smoking. Long time ago I used to borrow from my husband and smoke but never liked it really.

Guss I am feeling a little lonely. What can one expect with a laptop for company? Well, there were two meditation sessions andmany nice ladies were there who want to meditate with me in the evenings. That might sort out thing of having some friends. My work and husband's absence probably had taken away all the time I could have had for any meaningful interactions with women around. Can't live all by myself need some one to talk to in person. All I do is cook, take care of kids and read and write.

Am off to sleep now...

Pic: It was cloudy a few days back and I took this picture, The tree has a lot of character and the light wow so unearthy...

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