Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Here the blog at least is ok! fickle!

I do not know what viruses came into my computer yesterday, the whole system has been corrupted. I had this virus alert in my mailbox and i wonder if that was the culprit. My son had some expert comments on this.
1. That i am a computer addict
2. That i lol cant survive a day without blogging
3. "See your state mom , blogging is doing this to you" lol

Lectures from the son over I had thought of putting the next part of the over the top story I am writing, lets see if I am not interrupted by my critic my dear son I will try my best.

Now a drop, now just dew!
A thought here, tears few
Fickle is the nature
Fickle this life
Passing seasons drifting sands
Thoughts that blossomed
Lie scattered on ground
Once that was, now is past
What worries then.
Nothing lasts
Like a fist let me hold
A fragment of a memory
A moment old
For I know nothing lasts
And this decorates me
Inside out to hold it close
To say it loud laugh
love, cry , dream
For us dye is already cast
And i tell you nothing lasts!

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