Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Freaking me

A little incident again, yesterday night after long I was dreaming, in that dream I was with my school frind Smita. She is a Doctor married to a Doctor, whole night I was looking for a present for her daughter. I have not seen her daughter and we have not met for past 6 years, I was talking to her in the dream of our college and our studies. She appeared to be upset and angry with something. The dream went on and on with my looking at different things for her daughter. The general feel was that we were having soul to soul talk and that she wanted to convey her feelings regarding something. In the morning I tried to locate her number and after an hour of search could get through to her to my surprise! She is coming to Delhi tomorrow and really had some things to tell which were making her sad and upset. She said that she was remembering me as she wanted to share a few things with me. Its a small thing but I think my snstivity is there again I can see that I catch the vibes people send to me specially if there is something that my friends want to tell me urgently. It is neither good nor bad but I am puzzled each time this occurs, is it so that at collective level all of us are one entity and that when we open up to that dimension we can feel what others feel? Mr Herb Master I live in New Delhi which is in plains but I belong to Himalayas where there is a lot of snow fall, this picture I have taken from net lol, not my handi work. With this entry i complete 190 blogs OMG!when did I write so many but with my dear friends time flies and writing is so much fun. I have taken this picture see the shadow and light play I liked a lot in this!

Blue Green

Blue of the sky and green of horizons

came together and stood still

drawing rain, drawing clouds

Into its fertile vortex

Strange rays played late into noon

With purple-violet twirl of Morning glories

In wind swept dusk sun rained gold coines

She had let loose her fragrant dark hair

Jasmine rained,lotus bloomed this strange night

Blue -green of the horizon found it self wound tight

In her fertile womb in her soaring passionate flight

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