Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stray Thoughts

Mornings start with cooking, first the ginger-black pepper tea and then breakfast along with packing lunch for husband and the kids. These days I pluck spinach and coriander that is growing in the garden. I saw tiny white eggs, probably lady birds had stuck them on the underside, I remove them and stick them to other leaves. Tomorrow, Jayani starts her second grade and she is so excited, was making thank you cards for her teachers.

Jayani is very fascinated with aliens these days. She keeps questioning me about which stars might have aliens and what do they think about us. Animesh has a different world of facebook, foot ball and shared secrets with his friends. Strong sun is spreading across the garden and warmed pavements. Soon, there will be summer holidays for kids.

I remember those idle days when the noons are enmeshed in hot dry wind and sun beats down fiercely. You dread the heat but once you are out there body gets used to the sweat and the heated blasts of wind.The cobblers sit under trees in the shade and if you watch them stitching the shoes and repairing, it is a kind of meditation. Oblivious to the heat and dust they go on chatting and taking a sip from a tiny glass of tea or drawing deeply from the hand rolled 'bidi'.

How beautifully time and space have been divided, just when it is freezing in the high peaks of Himalayas just 400 Km away, it is scorching on the plains. When a human's eye takes in the perfect form of a solitary cloud floating against a stark blue sky, another human dreads the fury of nature, seeking last drops of water in parched desert. Mind, thoughts, bodies, planet and the cosmos all woven into this three-dimensional presence impregnated with sensations to make a linear movement of life. Just as I hear a child crying in a house nearby and watch my daughter engrossed in some cartoon character, The eerie feeling is that this is that warp and weft, of breaths and time, life...

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