Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another Day!

The heat is up today and even in these high-ceiling houses one can feel the difference. You feel like switching on the fan and just as the air inside the room is stirred, it gets uncomfortably cool and you switch off the fan. Strange weather! The laptop’s giving trouble it shuts down again and again. Nearing the end of the book and am in such a trance and just moving in a slowest pace possible, Gandhi is nearing death as he fasts for getting the Pakistan 55- million rupees that India is supposed to give it but withdraws fearing that Pakistan would buy armament with this money. He asks all the Hindu refugees to vacate the mosques and homes of fleeing Muslims they have occupied, all this is well. He was an idealist, he advises the defiled women to 'bite their tongue and hold their breaths till they die,'now this is something I don't understand. I know that he suggested all the European nations to willingly surrender to the Germans during world war so that there was no blood shed and at one point said that the only war that could be justified was one against the nazis. Dunno still tuck at this place and trying to understand what the old man meant by these statements that came through a lot of introspection.

Tomorrow. I will be visiting kids' school to get the book for my son who is in ninth grade. These classes now are considered very important here. is interest is in Maths and Computers, he wants to become an Engineer like so many men in the family. The coming years will be tough as there is a lot of competition for every single seat in good Engineering institutions and being from a high caste things are weighed against him as there is almost seventy percent reservation for the weaker sections. Sometimes people score in the negative and make it to these places whereas kids scoring quiet high are left with very few options. He is fine boy,the hormones make him arrogant and moody but he is one matured soul, always fair and honest. With releasing him into the world like a bird in the sky, to do some thing good for Mother Earth and everyone, I will accomplish the task entrusted to me by Mother nature. Today as we both sat watching pride and prejudice, I told him that is he came t visit me with his wife I would hide under the bed. He asks why, I say to him, as I am afraid of becoming a mother-in -law. He says yeah, you keep being scared all your life. Well we have these conversations and I have started calling Jayani Mic-mic, dunno why but that what I feel like calling her. Thought I would not be able to post today but here I am.
Dreamt of a volcano erupting and me gathering all food stuff and running, then floods as I saw children swimming, at one point I was lying on Earth watching shooting stars and thought how long it has been since I watched sky this way.


Souls travel alone
From body to body
and moment to moment
And yet a soul picks up
laughter, love, tears
Souls travel alone
in deep darkness of universe
silent, luminous fireflies
choosing wombs and words
For ripening silence
and lonely wanderings
Souls travel alone...

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