Saturday, March 13, 2010


Dusk gathers over the dense green treetops. Spring flowers are blooming in the garden, once in a while mild fragrance of sweet peas and mary golds travels lightly on evening breeze. Moments trickle, sometimes I feel that after childhood, when time seems to crawl at an easy pace, life is like that sublimation in chemistry lab. One day and then one year flits by and you are gathering the strands, children, buying for the house that feels like a bottomless pit and some rare silent moments.
What is it about being adults that steals away the joy and excitement of living each morning, noon and night like a child does. I remember as a kid I had this friend Sapna, she and I were so happy together that our parents had a difficult time taking us to home after a get together. What did we do? We roamed the vast wild fields fingers entwined and mostly were in a dream land of our making. A building under construction would transform into the most intriguing place. The drums with white lime would become boiling milk as we stirred them and poured more water to see the foam rising due to the reaction. We tried to avoid her brother who would tail us relentlessly and howl complaints to our parents. In scorching heat of summer, we would look for broken pieces of glass to make a funny watch, dunno why we called it a watch as it was just bits of colourful shards beneath glass. We would move our fingers till a round space cleared and we could see bits of coloured stuff. These were the most joyous moments. She and I would lie in the noons reading comics and I adored her for a special habit, she would endlessly comb my hair with her fingers. Amazingly that bond of affection is still there and no matter how long we have not spoken to each other, when we talk it is like continuation of that sheer joy of playing together, just doing nothing special but being in that moment. At one point we even took a silly vow of marrying, it was dusk and the sun dipped beneath the green running track. The sky was peach and we were so stirred with our friendship that we took vows to be together, seeking sun to be the witness! Now I laugh at our sincerity while we imitated adults, but it was pure joy in all its splendor. I will call her now to remind her of those silly vows. Hope that innocence visits me and you again with all its pure bliss and beauty.

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