Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Aftermath of the Readings...

There was this surreal dream last night, ocean roaring and shifting in brilliant patterns. Sometimes this life feels more surreal than such dreams. I don't know if you have ever felt it, but sometimes in the crowd this eerie feeling creeps up. Are all these people as alive as I am, I don't mean this in literal sense, of course I know they are as alive but just thinking that they are going back to their homes even as I see them through these sense. Every one with a life ahead and a past. Everyone viewing the other lives closed in the individual shell of the body.

Long time back I had read this book 'Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda Paramhansa,'in eighth grade, this book had these stories about spiritual masters, the realised ones immersed in a meditative state where they felt one with the creation. If you see quantum science at a very basic level, that is what it is, every thing is energy. Atoms with electrons, neutrons and protons make all of us into masses that can covert into energy and dunno why it doesn't through any of the accidents possible given the speed of the solar system in the galaxy and the galaxy itself rushing at tremendous speed. Reading about History makes one realise of the minute time span we are here for and still humans are seriously and meticulously absorbed into eradicating humans who don't agree with their understanding of life or who threaten their lion's share of resources. Really, are we here for this? Produce children, keep defending our territories and then die. Then why did we evolve from a unicellular animal to the present complex machine? Evolution could have stopped as plants, harmless paradise this Earth would be without us, but it didn't. Sometimes it gives me goosebumps just to think the magnitude of nuclear arsenals and weapons of mass destruction, why we have even catered to destroy this planet many times over in the name of territorial threats. Whatever intelligence is behind this creation and the perfect symphony of AT matching CG in those double helix structures, risks alot to see us evolve.

Meditation gives a little peek into the majesty of this creation. It is a state that has different dimensions than the normal existence. Human mind is capable of much more than what we use it for. You can sense thoughts across vast distances, for thoughts are also energy and when the energy of mind communicates with the gross energy of matter, in the perfect synchronized melody, then there can be changes in how atoms and mass comes to be in space. This is the state the realised souls reached. reason why matter and time was no barrier to them. There is some thing so positive about the state, innocence and responsibility for all comes into ones being and instead of self the effort is for all. Being too engrossed is the basal state of human existence, just as an amoeba evolved, a soul too evolves. Attention shifts from outside to inside. It is not utopia but a state that is possible, if abuse and exploitation comes through a self-seeking attitude, selflessness and peace can come through the opposite. It might seem idealistic, but I think we need to open minds to at least the possibility of such an existence.

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