Friday, March 19, 2010


Seems today is my friends day! Just as I had a lovely morning chauffeuring my lady friends to shopping places and then to kids' school, I get a surprise here! A friend for whom I had looked every where for long, I have found here with the help of my class mate Saurabh and what a lovely feeling it is! In the evening I round up the day with a visit to my childhood friends, Shalu and Malu, already the presents for there kids are ready for packing.

Seems the day is blessed, my younger one is getting impatient as I have to take her to tennis class. I was feeling very tired since the chores had added up and multiplied in morning. One was spinning husband's dearest pen drive in the washing machine, must say he has an angel's patience, he was just happy that he didn't dropped it somewhere.
Wonder what I will do once the PhD is rolling, I love being with friends and sharing, it is life's sustenance.
This friend of mine and me , we used to talk talk and talk, dunno why but we had made a separate world where we shared our dreams. Three was a tree and we rushed to that spot during recess time and had our lunch there away from the din of children. She opened me up in many ways and when in seventh grade she left for another place, I was very lonely for many many months. I still have an embroidered pouch she had gifted me, have carried it every where just as I have kept an apron my friend, Ruchi had gifted me for my wedding. What a disaster I was as a cook in those early days. Am so happy am disconnected, so till I find my feet...

Field of Daises

Drifting with the wind a fragrance known comes to me
Kissing away the gloom
Again my dear again today the fields of daises are in bloom!

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