Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sharing Thoughts...

There are five teenaged boys lounging in front of the Tv, watching a ninja movie. My daughter is having a great time teasing them. I've placed a huge bowl of popcorns, biscuits, some roasted peanuts and grams to munch and am here feeling really drained. The heat is acting on the body and it is taking some time to adjust. Brought veggies and fruits for the whole week. I love children visiting home as they have such positive energy. Have been procrastinating reading books on integral education, that is what I am going to apply as I teach maths from April fifth, God help me with that, I used to dread the subject.

Yesterday,I was waiting for husband for the evening tea and refreshments that I make, I don't like tea alone so I wait for him. I was walking sans my headphones looking out for his office car, this lady who was a neighbor walked to me and we got talking. She was bursting with resentment towards her husband and mother-in-law. I patiently heard her out as she complained about her menopause and how every thing she made was criticized. She i not allowed to work as husband does not like it and was telling me that I should get out of the house before kids grew up. She told of how the family needed hot dinner at midnight and would not allow her taking any help for this. She is a beautiful and simple woman, she resented the fact that she was a secretary in her college and gave speeches but once married she started stammering. Resigned to the fact that she has had her best time when unmarried, she draws solace that at least she had some good life. It is not that all Indian women are so docile, in a party I met this woman who asked me how much maintenance money I got from the husband, I said what's that? She elaborates that it's the money that you spend on maintaining oneself, ahhh, I got that. Another told me how foolish we were to cook, she said that she simply refused to enter the kitchen and had never cooked since she got married. One of my own cousins who is a spinster, they used to open the meeting with the boy and his family by a statement that meant that they were overqualified to cook, no wonder they still are looking for a match.

I am no feminist and neither do I support the double standards society has had for men and women, but this bloated ego thing of deciding that a work was beneath one is so immature. When a man like Gandhi could clean public toilets and lead by example what is this insecurity in these women that makes them shun one of the most creative experiences of life. It is as if you yourself are sated when you see people enjoying the meal you have prepared. Dunno, somethings are really beyond my understanding.

The silent suffering this women goes through as she nurtures her family through her sacrifice is also not a good idea, there needs to be a balance. Just sharing things were in my mind, peace and blessed spring time to all...

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