Wednesday, March 17, 2010


In the bright sun walked to get some tomato sauce and mustard oil. I cook the vegetables in mustard oil as it helps the joints and is better than most of the hydrogenated oils. On the way I saw my lady friend waiting for the vegetable truck to arrive, it is a facility that allows people to buy vegetables at slightly cheaper rates compared to the retail. I love sitting with them and chatting under the trees on the white-washed pavement, most women are well-educated and stay-at-home mothers as like me they don't want their kids to grow up cared by maids. Imagine how many jobs would go to offshore services in West if all Indian women staying at home choose to work. Another silly thought, dunno how right it is, I feel that before women like me work to earn, the families that are struggling to make ends meet should be given an opportunity. I plan to volunteer just to earn enough to cover for the petrol and commuting by taking workshops on something the Professor is suggesting.

Just saw the gorgeous petunias in purple, magenta and loveliest pink these were against indigo bunches of flowers. I never cease to wonder, one brown Earth and it transforms into such deep rich colours. Jayani just returned and after I took off her uniform and slipped on fresh clothes, I presented the cake, she is happy. Mother's live for such moments.

Can never read these lines from 'The Eve of St Agnes' without thinking of a bejeweled bride's groom gently removing her jewelry, getting her ready for the bridal bed.

Anon his heart revives: her vespers done,
Of all its wreathed pearls her hair she frees;
Unclasps her warmed jewels one by one;
Loosens her fragrant bodice; by degrees
Her rich attire creeps rustling to her knees:
Half-hidden, like a mermaid in sea-weed

This one I read when I am tense, it relaxes me transporting me to the school days when I would spend a whole afternoon chasing sparrows that were trapped in my room. With a towel in my hand, I would keep making them fly till they got exhausted and sat panting behind the curtains, then I would catch them and place them under baskets. A little bowl with water and grains to feed, but the poor bird would refuse to touch them, little heart jumping out of its breast. After touching the feathers and holding them in my hands, I would release them. Dunno why I did this but always loved holding animals and looking into their innocent eyes. My daughter gets that from me, she just grabs any bird or mammal. Think I'll get some gold fish for the bowl and yeah I need to start dancing for an hour, I love to dance and thats a very effective way to excercise, once I've put it here now I'll remember to do it.

Pic: Himalayas, would love to be there this moment and wander in pine groves inhaling the freshness of its resin, how I love the Himalayas...

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  1. When we work for money, our pay gives us opportunities to bless others that we would not have otherwise had. When you collect your pay and spend it at a shop, the shopkeep now has extra money to spend elsewhere or hire an extra person. In this way, this money trickles down to the poor. While one should not have greed as a focus, there also is no shame in collecting a fair wage for your efforts.

    The scent of roses overcame me today as I was passing by a shoppe that sold them. Your blog reminded me of that scent.