Tuesday, September 2, 2014

When I was eighteen I had very strong views about when a person should living. I used to think that 40 is too old and one should just die before turning 40, had researched into ways of taking life and the best I found at that time was to take sedation and tie a stone on one's body and drown in a peaceful lake, am sure must have written a poem on that. My friend and mentor Namita always insisted that it is this age forties when life starts getting sorted. Really, I thank her for her encouraging words, life really becomes beautiful-touchwood- after forty. You understand things, you appreciate small joys and have a clearer perspective. After the major responsibilities of bringing up children, a woman can finally get some time to sit with herself and contemplate life and give back to the society. They say in Hindi 'umar aur akal ki mulakat nahi hoti' kind of translates to- age and wisdom never meet, guess they do meet and how, when one turns forty. रात तीन बजे उपजी कविता! बीज मैंने धरा के उदार सीने में बीजों के प्रश्न बोये कभी कुछ दिनों, कभी में महीनो में फूलों के उत्तर आये लाल , संतरी, बैगनी कोमल लहलहाती हरयाली में लिपटे नन्हे बीज रंग और सुगंध बन कर लहराए।

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