Sunday, September 14, 2014

Jammu and Kashmir is battling one of the worst floods in decades with rivers in the region in spate due to days of incessant rain. Thousands of people are marooned in Jammu and Kashmir, devastated by its worst floods. Srinagar is submerged with people waiting for rescue on terraces and rooftops. Many people have lost contact with their families with phone lines down. Over 200 people have died and thousands are stranded across the state. There is still no connectivity between the remote parts of Jammu and Kashmir. Indian Red Cross Society action: The current flooding of the Jammu and Kashmir state, has seen extensive loss of lives and property. FMRs from the J & K state branch have actively rescued hundreds of people and have moved them to safer ground and offered first aid and psychosocial support to them. The IRCS has also set up tented colonies for the evacuees in Srinagar. The IRCS National Headquarters on its part in the initial phase has been able to mobilize relief of tents, kitchen sets,woollen blankets, tarpaulins,wind cheaters and other relief items to Srinagar and Jammu. Further, two Water Purification units capable of delivering 3000L of drinking water per hour and six units to deliver upto 700 litres per hour have been airlifted to Srinagar, along with trained personnel to set the units up. The 2 units delivering 3000 liters of water per hour are now operational.Around potable water is being distributed by Indian Red Cross Society to the flood victims.

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