Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Price of' 'green energy' after felling down 3 Lakh forest trees is innumerable deaths in Malin tragedy. Many more such losses can be prevented by prompt action intime. I really fear such loss of life in the congested city of Almora where the houses of concrete and brihs are built without any scientific planning. During previous monsoons also there have been cases of landslides where the mud and rocks have torn down houses, fortunately there were no casualties. During Tehri earthquake the major cause of deaths were collapsing of these brick and cement houses, since then it has be found out by research that stone and mud traditional houses suit best to the mountains, still there is no sound implementation of this finding in these disaster prone areas. Just as all causes are being discusses when this disaster has struck, the lesson learned through such loss of life should not be lost. Cutting of trees is a serious crime, each project should be evaluated and the risks should be ascertained before the go ahead.

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