Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fragrance of Winters is already here, yesterday came across twinkling parijaat flowers spread across the green carpet of dew-soaked grass. I picked up many to float these in stone bowl. Flowers open up Agya chakra, my Guru Shri Nirmala Ma taught us. Perhaps this is the reason why flowers are used during prayers. Inhaling the subtle fragrance of Parijaat flowers immediately transported to my childhood when we used to collect parijaat flowres early mornings and string them on grass stems making tiny garlands for stone Gods that we enshrined in brick temples complete with a paper flag on stick and offerings of a strange but tasty 'prasad' that we kids invented- we used to mix black pepper powder into curd with tulsi leaves and sugar and very devotedly imitating the priest distribute it to all other children, who would slurp it with dignity and offer flowers to the stone deity. For long this practice went on, once a friend's father was quiet ill, this is the time we used to pray very intensely and he recovered completely. Children have pure hearts and perhaps those prayers and humble temple we created did become a medium to send an earnest prayer... To breath in the morning breeze, to see golden rays through dew soaked leaves of a tree is a blessing. Long ago when I was very in in Visakhapatnam, something in my body had almost immobilized me, I would look out of the window in vacant silent noons trying to imbibe in all that movement in Mother Nature. Gradually I gained strength and in early mornings around four when it was still dark I would slowly walk with aching limbs to a giant Peepal tree that had Banyan tree around, these trees when fgrowing together are worshiped as Shri Shiva And Shri Shakti. I would embrace this tree and weep asking the tree to give me its strength so that my body would move again, within one week I regained my strength, meditating beneath the trees connects one to the creator. Another thought...A beautiful day...hues reflect indirect light and somewhere inside there is a feeling that as they say in Hindu scriptures 'ne asti ne asti': this is not... this all that comes together as matter is an illusion. Ego subsides and then a bliss spreads all across the mind and soul as there remain no hurts, injuries but just a bliss of being that embraces the self... याद एक बरगद का पेड़ जटाओं सी जड़े हवा में फैलाए रो रहा था सड़क किनारे कुछ चिड़िया गुनगुना रही थी बिसरे गीत टहनियों पर मैं ठहरी रही छाँव तले तेरी यादों की नदी में डुबाये ठहरे मन को देर तक साँझ ढल गयी आज निकल आये तारे, बुझते जलते तेरी याद में दिया रखा है यहाँ पीपल बरगद तले, ओस की बूँद आ गिरी आँखों में सावन है और रोता रहा बरगद फिर सारी सारी रात

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