Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I was completely overwhelmed by the beauty here, is difficult to put it down in words. I was speechless and at times I had tears in my eyes, such a blessing, such beauty created for insignificant me?In temples I stood speechless unable to ask for a wish, surrounded by towering fragrant devdars and pines beneath the stark blue sky, as the river played music on pebbles and rocks I prayed that this body, mind and soul should just be an instrument for the creator to work as he wishes. Humbled at each breath... This acient Shiva temple is situated near Mansabal lake. It is partially submerged but the caretaker said that water was drained a bit and it was cleaned, there is a shivling inside the temple and many fish swim in the clear water of this spring, which is the source of this water. Observed that a mountain faces this temple, looks more like a swayambhu, the temple faces West and has immense vibrations-cool breeze that emanates from palms and fontanel bone area in head when visiting the 'jagrut' temples or sites. When we visit such places the water element present there has special propertes and can cleanes our subtle system of chakras and nadis( 7 chakras, three nadis of Ida, Pingla and Sushumna) if we pray to the creator to cleanse the system and dip our hands/feet in water. My Guru Shri Nirmala Ma taught us Sahaj Yogis to revere all such sites. Paradise on Earth. This is Gulmarg, meadow of flowers... Paradise I breath in stark blue sky A million blossoms unfurl I walk on velvet of your heart Till rivers sing me to sleep Embracing the moonlit night I breath in the stars tonight... सोऽहं कितनी गहरी बात जायेगा ना कुछ साथ फिर भी मन के ताने देखो इच्छाओं के बाने देखो तन गल जाये मौम सा फिर भी न छोड़े साथ रोज़ रात को नींद पढ़ाये सहज मोक्ष का पाठ इच्छाओं के कीच छोड़ रहें स्वयं के साथ
विनती हे आदि शक्ति हे सदा शिव चरण कमल पर अर्पण तन मन प्राण श्वास चले, तन इत उत डोले सदा आप में रहे स्थित ध्यान

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