Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I am Realising after we shifted to this multi story how healing the touch of Mother Nature is. Today as warm golden rays filtered through Banyan roots, I sat meditating on Mother Earth. A peacock strutted near by and tiny wild flowers blossomed near my feet. In the silence stillness of thoughts cocooned my being in soothing aura. The elements spoke to the elements, prayed the ether to bless all that constituted this flesh and blood existence and prayed to Mother Earth to absorb all the nativities in its loving patient embrace. Often I have realised that the surrender leads to a wonderful existence. Whatever that power is, creator or the omnipresent intelligence has a magical way to show us humans that it has accepted our complete surrender. Often it stuns me when I am panicking looking for an answer and suddenly the answer with absolute clarity, sometimes I find myself coming up with facts and figures that are nowhere in my brain. It seems that when there is thoughtlessness and we get absorbed into the source the answers are drawn by that intelligence and handed to us. The creator it seems is playful and there are signs that lead us to the right answers. Now, I have almost given up worrying and thinking what would follow as I have seen even the tiniest of wishes are heeded. There is a doha by Kabir " Masjid upar mullah pukare/kya Sahib tera behra hai? /Chinti ke pag nevar bandhe/ so bhi Sahib sunta hai." The mulla gives ajaan and calls to the God, even when an ant's anklet makes a tiny sound, God hears! Is your God deaf that you climb up and call so loudly? Kabir beautifully brought out the meaninglessness of hollow rituals in his dohas and when I see every wish granted in time I feel the same, chinti ke pag nebar baje so bhi malik sunta hai!Seeking Answers When understanding fails Acceptance begins Ego submerges Soul emerges To know is to be silently In awe, of creation Seeking ceases Self emerges Small questions are granted Small answers When questions cease Realization emerges...

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