Friday, April 13, 2012

I had a strange dream yesterday, a white tiger pounced on me through a window and that was unnerving, later I was sharing my meditation experiences with a saint and questioning what they mean. There are days when there is absolute clarity and then there are days when mind wanders to the past. It makes me think that imbalance and sadness have their roots in past. The moment you step into this trap of asking 'why', there is absolute chaos. Later it snowballs into frustrations, self pity and deep sadness. It is a fact that joy is condensed in this present moment, slipping into the past is painful. Meditation keeps you balanced and in complete joy. There is deep wisdom is leaving everything to divine.


  1. let me confess, this is the first time i am reading your blog post though you have been patiently urging me to do so for quite you know rina...i have a penchant to do a lot of thinks like starting my own blog, doing some short story writing...well my son keeps me on my toes and so these things keep going down in number on my priority list...but hey its ok...atleast i shall now make sometime to read ur blogs/musings

  2. Thanks, but may I know who it is. Writing is the greatest stress buster, try it and you shall never regret. Love...Rina