Thursday, April 19, 2012

First there were just the cat and the kittens! Then arrived the mamma dog with her litter! Since mamma cat shifted to the home where she gave birth, she has been visiting home. She almost bullies me into following her to the room where her litter were kept, there she shows me the places where they were kept,she avoids the main entrance as the bitch is there with her litter. This routine went on for a few days. Yesterday, the kind Christian lady 'nana' as her grand daughter calls her, shared with me how the black cat reacted to this dog. When nana, was trying to feed some bones to this dog the black cat ran towards the door where the dog was chewing on a bone and slapped the dog. Dog scurried home, I thought some one had hit her but it was the ferocious cat who seems to be really jealous of this dog. Nana told me about her grand daughter overfeeding the cat and yet the cat was trying to maintain her territory in our home! Nana was furious with the roguish cat "this cat is a getting too bold, look she hit the big dog and what's her size, I hit her head lightly after she slapped the dog!" I doubled up laughing. So much politics in these territorial war fares. Most amazing thing is holding there tiny perfect creations in my hand and how they trustingly sleep nestled between fingers. Am stirred as their tiny hearts beat against my hand. Nature creates such perfection in humblest of life forms. It is innocence that opens our hearts and then the love flows, puppies and kittens don't pay us for all the work we do but we are so overwhelmed with love and protective feelings that we do things that we would not do for humans for these little animals. Nana was telling me yesterday that these animals pray with their little minds to God for us when we love them, maybe it's true but for the moment just to hold fresh life in my arms I swab, clean and cook for these little babies. It seems as humans we have this condition-we evolve when we learn to love and keep the love flowing...

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