Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Today I observed a wasp moving with his reflection in the mirror, was a curious wasp. They are building a nest outside the bathroom window and Jayu has been asking me about their little nest, do they make it big? Will they have many babies in it? Will they bite us? She was playing with the black kitten , this one is always starved of affection, the kitty was so overwhelmed that she took to licking Jayu's feet and mine too. I often observe that how children have their attention completly in the present, there is not a worrry of past or what lies ahead. Sometimes when I look at old pictures it feels as if we humans have many lives rolled into these phases, how completely conditionings alter our perceptions. Often I wonder what we would be without conditionings? Most probably we would then posess an innocence like animals, who live from moment to moment. When I see the troubles and complecations that this identity, ego and conditionings bring about, I really question their importance.

Sometimes when I have woken up after deep dreamless sleep, I have sensed this, before the sense of self comes back. Those moments are without thoughts and then we grab the ropes of ego and identity, the moment dissolves.
I often wonder why people take to alcohol and drugs to relax? I cannot understand reliance on these toxins for being your self-relaxed, free and happy. In a way it shows how helpless we have become, how we have to drug the senses to get rid of the constant pressure. Whatever it is, it is farthest we could drag our selves from what is natural and what is balanced. When I write this, I remember once someone told me that in a hilly area, elephants had located a depot that had alcohol stocked, they would not disturb other storage places for food but attack this place, they would drink the alcohol and raid the villages around. Humans are capable of creating contageous vices!

Image: These parijat flowers drop to the green carpet of grass in early mornings, they are like thoughts falling genltly one-by-one. The beauty and silence lies in the moments between their silent rain...

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  1. Hello Rina: I like your imagery and deep thoughts! I'll look over more of your blog when I have more time, but I think you have a real gift with words.

    Your Happy Oracle,