Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Every thing that we see about us was in the womb of Mother Earth. Humans have just dug up the minerals, done selective cultivation, developed likes and dislikes for vegetation and fauna, destroying the delicate balance. Now, with these toys all around, are we at peace? Seems that eludes us, to hold that relaxed happy state, there are more breweries, more cannabis and narcotics and still more of emotional abandonment with the riches and affluence and this development. It is as if just as the constant rush to grab all takes flight, the ground beneath slips. When there are no roots, life wanders tasting this, nibbling that feeding the hunger that grows like tumer. That hunger consumes us in the end and the time we have here is spent running blindly into nothing, for nothing, creting nothing. Yes, there are institutions that validate people. People like Gaddafi, who are corruption personified. Those who validate do it for vested interests, then why do we accept the validation? Because we become so blind, being fed by the system what it wants us to believe that we do not have the ability of thinking of an option.

Sometimes I wonder, if a life in tranquil Himalayas, disconnected with all this'development', subsisting on whet the land give, would be more fulfilling than 'enjoying' the fruits of this'development', the malls, machines and superficial webs of connecting, producing and delivering.

Image: a path in the serene and spiritual Himalayas...

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