Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I meditated yesterday after a while and discovered that the deep meditative states require a lot of energy.It was wonderful though, feeling weightless and in a state that words cannot describe. When I am in that state, I don't wish to come down. If I compare that state to something that I can put into words, I can not think beyond the beauty of nature.

There was this brook with pristine Himalayan sky reflected in the glacier waters. The peace was unbroken except the wild woody calls of hill birds. Women and girls would sometimes manifest from the deep forests carrying dry pine leaves on their heads. They carry these needle-like leaves and spread them in the cow shed. There were marble boulders, green where the moss grew and breeze held all the mysteries of time. When you sit on Mother Earth in such a sacred place, you can let go of all the senses and become one with whatever intelligence there is.

Long ago just closing my eyes beneath the dancing leaves and rolling clouds brought me in touch with the creator, am amazed how easily the beauty of creation is put within our reach just slipping away from the mundane and slipping into the subtle.

Pic: A woman carrying vegetable in Himalayas


  1. Am quite sure that many of the sicknesses that we modern people encounter have much to do with our propensity to improperly value various achievements and the stress and accompanying work that goes along with accomplishing those goals. Our body tries to control that which it cannot control and ends up distressed and sick. To focus on the simplicity of nature, the beauty of creation is the easiest way that I have found to "undo" what modern world has done to me. Great article.

    1. So TRUE! All that is made by humans, the systems, artificial, plastic things are taking us towards a certain doom.