Thursday, August 19, 2010

Is living a Dream?

Water descending from heavens and Earth getting saturated. Never seen such ferocious rain. If there was no place for water to go, there would be flooding indeed. When and how does the gentle song of rain on roof turns into a subtle violence?

What a dream kind of existence we have, if we really see, that is. A blue-green earth floating , we don't know where in vastness. A sun that dazzles brightly, transforming itself into all kinds of cells, sap, and blood. Sometimes when am able to really see, I wonder how we humans can drape things with false seriousness as we do. Everything feels like a massive play, just play! What can it be if you do not have an idea about where this planet is heading to? What happens to this intelligence that we call 'me' and if it is this fickle, how can we have any serious past or future.

Still nature seems so serious and involved in all the things that spring out, morning glories are blended just perfectly, violet with magenta and a shade of indigo, mangoes have right sweetness and fragrance. Jasmine twinkle in the nights, tiny insects are decorated with the most delicate patterns? Why so much of effort for something that is drifting into an endless vastness?

As a child I always raked my brains to figure out where the end of Universe would be, how was it possible to have something that didn't end. My father would say it is like numbers, they go on. This somehow would never make sense and I would imagine a boundary marking our milky way and the next galaxy. Guess the question and the curiosity still remains, unanswered. I do not know now but another perpetual quest of mine as a child was to look for 'amrut' the nectar that would allow humans to live indefinitely. I still have some magazine clippings pasted in old revision registers.My plan was to feed this elixir of longevity to my family so that they live for ever. No am not hounded by this quest now, life is beautiful when you can give. When you are on the receiving end, it might loose its beauty. For me to live like a tree is to live forever. Sometimes when I go deep looking into a leaf or a twig admiring its minute beauty, there's a strange sensation, maybe we are a dream, a cosmic consciousness, a dream also snaps off sometimes just like the dream last night when a loving octopus climbed on my shoulder and rested on my cheek. Another when I freed a calf to drink as much milk as it wanted, being loved by the cow. I felt the octopus touch, gentle and loving and then I raise my hand and a little statue of a deity-Hanumana, manifests in my hand and I give it to the octopus. Maybe we are just this-a draem-or why would we be clueless about where our Earth headed to?

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  1. If we are but a dream, one must ask whose dream we are a part of? And if it is just a dream, how kind to make the participants of it sentient, thinking participants - even if they cannot think beyond the boundaries of the dream walls. And how nice to include for them the intricate details of their surroundings and give them rules to live by which make the dream experience more pleasant while they are in it.

    Who knows the reasons why, but is nice to have the chance to participate in the experience nonetheless.

    Nice thoughts.