Monday, February 1, 2010


It was past midnight and I had this strange dream, as if realizing the loneliness of this existence. Can't put the feeling in words but it was like a the ground giving way beneath my feet. Of being strung somewhere between the heaven and Earth. Don't know if every one experiences this but there is a huge gaping void and you feel scared.

We are born and we need love
We grow up and we need love
We grow old and we need love
The need grows and so do the disappointments

We discover companions in work,words and exhaustion
The need remains till the grave
Few crawl out of this pit of need
Discover the eternal spring within

No seeking, craving or begging
Just stepping within into silence
The spring flows quietly
The seeking from cradle to the grave ceases

Humans, we slipped down evolutionary ladder of love
A cat gets unconditional love and a human buys it
And keeps seeking in the wrong places
For what lies beneath the words, the silence...
Is love!

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