Sunday, December 27, 2009


There are such ruthless predators, one such human my friend had the misfortune to trust, am in deep gratitude for having the friends I have after this realisation.She is such a brilliant person and so beautiful, yet she has been conditioned by circumstances to lie low and derive her worth from other people's validation. This is quiet common in our society, where women were traditionally treated as liabilities. If you trap a person into loneliness and constant abuse, how will he or she survive? When the agony of suffering becomes unbearable they seek comfort, if they are lucky they bond with gentle people but sometimes they are so broken that discrimination is impossible. Some heartless people use them and their vulnerabilities. When they are led craving for healing, they encounter more damage and deception. Like a magnet attracting more misery, it is difficult to understand this equation of misfortune and deep hunger for love and understanding. Am saddened at how low humans can stoop, knowingly damaging one who comes seeking healing.

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