Thursday, May 22, 2014

Deep orange sun peeps through the corner of the window, breeze warms up quickly and another scorching day begins. Yesterday, while discussing the political scenario with a very respected senior official, it was a pleasant surprise that he had wept while hearing our Prime Minister speak. He added that in Shri Narendra Modi India has landed with a 'heera' and now the law and order shall improve along with the quality of life. The discussion would have gone on but he had to prepare for a meeting. The election of General V.K. Singh from Ghaziabad is like meeting of absolute opposites, at one point in time Ghaziabad was identified on the world map as the crime hub. It was a surprise that the place was known internationally for the crime rate. Then, I experienced it personally and it is true the pinch of being on receiving end makes one realize the gravity of the situation. During broad day time when my father left home for bank to get crisp currency notes as wedding present for a relative, three thieves entered the house. My mother is a teacher so she was not at home. When my father returned he thought that perhaps mummy was already home so he began to unlatch the gate. At this the three young thieves who were well dressed rushed to the gate and threatened my father with a long knife, then pushing open the gate they ran away as my old father tried to follow them. These thieves had parked their car in a nearby lane and ran away. Then started the trauma of the FIR not being registered, futile rounds to the authorities for request to look into the security aspect. We were happy that parents were safe, money and possessions can be earned but the incident would have threatened their lives had they been inside the house as murders of senior citizens are common. The very thought brought fear into our hearts, we were happy that they were safe, but thinking deeply I question the very idea of governance. Is this what you get after working hard for Government all though your life? Teaching thousands of children, giving your sweat and blood to work and then be denied of even the basic essential things like law and order and right to complain against such brazen crimes? The place is bizarre to say the least, there is electricity for just few hours even when you are paying the bills. The sewage flows in open and once to my horror during rainy season some children were swimming in the big nalla that is adjacent to patparganj. It is farfetched in this vast state that is bigger than some of the Europe countries to even get the basic amenities. Then what chance do the poor citizens who are looted of their life savings have? Will things change? Will people come out of the slavery imposed where they meekly suffer power cuts, lack of water supply/ contaminated water supply? With a person from disciplined organization, will the law and order improve? I agree it is my concern for parents that makes me ask these questions but it is high time we ask for what is rightfully ours after paying the taxes and serving the country honestly.

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