Sunday, April 14, 2013

Just passing by...

Been a long time since I last wrote here. When you keep writing words rush to you like an eager torrent otherwise one has to seek them. Was looking at my blog statistics and was surprised to see a lot of traffic from Germany. Jayani, my daughter has wrapped some seeds in wet cotton, a delicate bean sprout has emerged and she is observing it elongating shoot. Since morning cotyledons have shriveled up and fine veined leaves are emerging. Children bring to us the magic of every-day miracles, within two days the seed has grown into a beautiful plant. When one observes all the ego that one can identify with, dissolves. When all that is truly difficult happens spontaneously, then who are we to mark each deed as ours. Any thing and every thing that a human is capable of doing is insignificant compared to all constant miracles that keep emerging around us, delicate patterns on smallest of insects. Shelter for tiniest of creature, this breath flowing in and out, all...As evening gathers, dust settles and birds chirp perched on branches, sky darkens and stars emerge one-by-one. What beauty surrounds us each moment and we have damaged our senses enough to be oblivious of such divine grace, how and why? They say we emulate the creator when we love as the longing is similar to seeking the source of all, long time back tried to figure out how while interacting with a friend who was hopelessly in love and this friend came to me weeping, there is no sense in love, all it gives us is heart ache, she wailed. We discussed and this friend counted the expectations, I could not be judgmental as I too was equally at loss as to how this friend would be consoled. In the end we faced the facts that since she was seeking, love happened and as it grew so did the expectations, here was the deal breaker: now there was love but unfulfilled expectations that caused this breakdown. So along with her I discovered that expectations killed what she had come to know as love. There was no sense in hating or grieving, she had to let go and move on as whatever it was, it hurt more than it healed. When one just observes in a detached manner, it makes sense when spiritual giants like Ramana Maharshi, here's a gem: One who renounces desires actually merges in the world and expands his love to the whole universe. Expansion of love and affection would be a far better term for a true devotee of God than renunciation, for one who renounces the immediate ties actually extends the bonds of affection and love to a wider world beyond the borders of caste, creed and race.


  1. Expectations are indeed the downfall of so many relationships. We would not hold a scorpion in our hand and wonder why it stung us yet we engage flawed humanity and wonder why it fails to live up to our expectations.

  2. Wow! Thanks for the beautiful observation.