Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sun Worship

Worship of sun in Aryan vedic rites always felt like an ancient ritual to please the elements. Looking deeper, it seems that at some subtle level all the energy and matter work very closely (every living thing has derived energy from solar energy) so at some level gross expression of respect and gratitude is a form of communication.

A flower that I had floated in a crystal bowl draws its petals inwards in the night even when it is not attached to the plant and is away from sunlight. How come the cells of this flower detect the sunset? What is the necessity in a plucked cosmos to draw its petals at night? Maybe cells of our body, with the proven fact that each cell has memory and gray matter, communicate with the source of energy. It is just a thought that consciously aligning our mind and spirit to this subtle communication , brings us into balance and harmony with nature and elements. Maybe this was the reason that all the ancient religions had rituals where they revered the nature. Have also observed that when we communicate the need to be healed to nature, it is herd by some intelligence and works out somehow. When I venture out in sun, I sens its rays and feel that they cleanse all negativity, it seems we should not fear elements but know that they are an integral part of our being, this way the elements work to keep us disease free and young. Dunno, came to me as I was watching sunlight bath treetops in mellow pale glow.

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  1. I recently read how Vitamin D is a vastly under-appreciated elixir and is useful to the body in preventign a myriad of diseases, and even aids in preventing emotional conditions like depression. The primary source of vitamin D? manufactured by the body through exposure to sunlight. My father called me this morning and told me that his cancer has been acting up since his wife recently left him and cut all friendship ties with him. He's taken it very hard and his emotional state has been decisively negative. I told him that if raw negative emotion can cause body decay so rapidly, positive emotion can cause body restoration just as fast and he seemed to agree with me. I do not understand the delicate balance of God and energy and body/mind/spirit, but it is a wonder to behold it and meditate on it. Be blessed...