Friday, April 9, 2010

Sapphire Blue Earth

My son is in ninth grade now, he finds the class boring as his classmates from previous section were shuffled for the comfort of teachers. Since fifth grade, I am used to hearing this one crib from the teachers, " he knows all the answers so he disturbs the class." In the eight grade this issue got escalated, he and his best friend Kanav were a source of constant irritation throughout the academic year. The teachers decided to separate them because they 'smile' in class. He used to go to school looking forward to meeting his friend, now it's boring out there! How the system works to kill creativity, these kids were great together. I have seen them struggling and solving most complicated mathematical problems and literally discuss all the subjects and understand them as they should be understood, even if it was just before the exams.

Some days clouds blur the horizons and rising mists blurs everything, just confusion remains. At times like these, one should let the spirit be, let it vent out, weep. Once the storms have passed, clarity filters through, like rays through fronds. Time creeps in those moments and all colour fades, it seems these times are always pregnant with insight. We are so consumed by how things are on outside that we completely loose touch with the constant truth. It is through the breakdown that we are able to force ourselves to drop the gross appearance, shadows and seek for the eternal. If we make our minds like a camera, we can almost see civilizations turning to dust in a fast forward, one rising, the other dissolving, all happening in quiet blur. It is kinda same with life, the essence and the things that go ahead and add to the core of our being remain, rest just drifts away. Fear is human reaction devoid of wisdom, the animal instinct built in to protect the territories and procreate, kicking in involuntarily. What we as humans evolved, comes in later when the stronger reactions subside, understanding, introspection and realization of subtle truths that remain unshaken. It is beautiful to be human, to make mistakes and learn, stumble upon essence and grasp the precious knowledge with both hands and heart.

Sapphire Blue Earth

Lonely planet drifting away in cosmos
Floating like a blue dream

Dreams woven of its soil and sunlight
Millions of them cocoon the silence

Thoughts of hunger, love, pain and power
Of bitter days and tired nights

Births, deaths, madness, wars
Interlaced over the icy blue loneliness

Whispers of love winging above cedars
Tears of loss salting the soil

And the blue sapphire floats away
Carrying noise in its silence

Wave after wave of sounds, light and senses
On its travel to the womb of eternity...

Pic: Isha's

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